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Construction Observation Technician
Required Qualifications
  • Valid driver’s license with insurable driving record
  • Must be able to do physical labor such as lifting, walking, digging with a shove or jackhammer
  • Must be able to drive an ATV
Desirable Qualifications
  • Construction staking and observation experience
  • Dirt work experience
Contact Leanne at:
office: 402.372.1923
Key Responsibilities
  • Possess effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Read and understand plans and specifications. Visualize two-dimensional drawings in three dimensions.
  • Examine and inspect field conditions and identify problems or inaccuracies that may arise, and correct them.
  • Identify safety hazards and take necessary actions to correct them.
  • Record precise observations and measurements during construction
  • Keep accurate notes, records, and sketches to describe and certify work performed
  • Be motivated to work productively