Municipal Engineering

Advanced Consulting Engineering Services (ACES) guarantees a close business relationship with our municipal clients. We will make frequent visits to Council and Village Board Members, Utility Superintendents, City Administrators and Clerks to ensure they are satisfied with our services and to discuss any current issues that we may be of assistance.

Water Systems

Municipal Wells

Water Storage

Ground Water Tanks

Elevated Water Tanks

Water Distribution Systems

Network Analysis

Preliminary Engineering Reports

Drainage Systems

Storm Water Collection System

Storm Water Detention Facilities

Drainage Channels

Storm Sewer Pumping Stations

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans


Curb & Gutter Streets

Asphalt Streets

Parking Lots

Private Streets

Gravel/Rock Surfaced Streets

Sidewalks & Bike Paths

Sanitary Sewer Systems

Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations

Sewage Collection Systems


Septic Fields

Preliminary Engineering Reports